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How to Select Sarees for Engagement

Sarees look very elegant in Indian women. It is the most graceful outfit for them. Nowadays, increasing collection and variety of designer sarees have made wider opportunity to stand out of the crowd. If you are thinking how to select sarees for engagement then here are some of the points which you should keep in mind.

Here Is Some Tips to select Best Engagements saree:

1. Occasion: This is a very vital point that you should keep in mind when selecting sarees for your engagement. If you would be having a morning occasion then you should consider purchasing the light shaded Georgette sarees with minimum bead work and embroidery. You should avoid sarees with heavy glittering work for your day-time engagement. If you are going to have evening engagement party then you should wear a saree with vibrant color and heavy embroidery. If you prefer for a religious type of engagement party then you should select a sari with specific pattern and design on the pallu as you will have to keep your pallu on your head.

2. Figure: If you have a bulky kind of figure then you should choose the fabric like chiffon, Georgette and crepe. You should prefer wearing a non-flare and straight cut petticoats. If you have a lean body type then you should go for a cotton or organza tissue sarees because these sarees will look fuller on you.

3. Skin Tone: If you have dark complexion then you should avoid wearing light colored fabrics and you should prefer wearing dark colors like red, dark pink, maroon, navy blue, dark green black and others. People with light skin tone look good in every color but pastel shades look best on them.

4. Draping Style: You can choose to drape your saree according to your religion. If you want to drape sarees of other religion then you can also do that. There are lot of celebrity styles and innovative drapes which you should consider before choosing for your engagement. If you find draping as an issue then you can purchase the ready to wear sarees.

5. Accessories: You should always choose right kind of accessories to complement with your saree. First thing which you should consider is your footwear. You should go for the high heeled sandals with bead works and sequins. However, if you are too tall then you can wear sandals with low-medium heels or you can also wear flat sandals. Jewelry is a must for completing your look. You should opt for dangling earrings with well-matched neck pieces.